Budget tips: how to remodel your house without spending thousands of dollars

Our houses are our refuges, our homes, the place that gives us shield, peace, the operation base  for this mission called life, it has to be solid, warm, it must reflect what we are, our interests, and as we change with time so our home does.


We are beings able to evolve, we are constantly changing, we improve ourselves and our interests sometimes change with age, and our houses should reflect that, besides, our lovely house age too, and time and use can deteriorate it, then remodeling processes are truly necessary, the problem is the money we have to spend, many times that is very expensive and the question is, how can we rejuvenate our beloved house without spending a high amount of money?


Tips for a not-so-expensive remodeling work


Every time you think about give a new look to your home, you are afraid of all the work and money you will spend, some people even desist, well here you have some tips to help you save money and maybe to save you some effort too.


1- The first thing you have to do is make a plan, everything in life goes better with some planning work, decide what you want and when, take in count that premium season is always more expensive, both contractors and suppliers have months with offers and discounts.


2- Set a budget, and stick to it, take in count discounts and unforeseen events, so you can control where your money goes.


3- Increase efficiency,  sometimes you just need increase the efficiency of a determined area instead of make a very expensive expansion, you can also use a light tube to light a room and avoid to open new windows, organization and order are the key.


4- Rearrange instead to perform very expensive remodelations, many times you don’t need to remodel an entire area of your house to give a new and refreshing look, you just need to rearrange your furniture, or rejuvenate them with paint or hiring an upholstery cleaner service to save and give new life to those old but good furniture in your home, you also can cover them with some fabric and/or slipcovers to decorate them so they can match to a desired theme.


5- You can give a fresh new look painting walls and/or changing wallpaper, adding pictures, family photos and/or mirrors, you also can change curtains, rugs and doormats and use plants to give life to a place.


6- Do some work by yourself, there are some parts of the process that you can do safely and accurately, and some contractors give advice to people that is able to perform some activities.


7- Several minor changes can provide a big change of image, for example, buy some decorative items, they can match with a theme, use the appropriate light bulbs for every space, change door knobs, handles.