Get Rid of The Dust in Your Home

4 Easy Ways to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

Being a homeowner is not as easy as we once dreamt when we were young. The amount of responsibilities mean an enormous task to handle and one has to be aware of anything that could go wrong. And even when nothing in our homes is really wrong, we have to keep it tidy for our mental order and physical health.

If our homes are not clean enough, some undesirable partners such as dust start to accumulate and damage our breathing system. Also, accumulated dust seems to give an old finish to our every piece of furniture. In order to keep our homes good-looking and to have the basics for a healthy life, don’t miss these 4 ways to get rid of dust in your home once and for all.


Filter the air

As dust is suspended in air waiting to fall down and accumulate on a solid surface, the filtering of the main source of dust is a great way to avoid the appearing of dust. Your cooling or ventilation systems have filtering devices that don’t let the dust accumulate on the inside of the fans, so upgrading the filters to some others that don’t allow the passage of smaller particles. It is important to clean them every 1-3 months. You can get an air purifier as well.



Taking chores seriously is one of the best methods to eliminate dust in your home, so it’s time to follow a schedule that includes:


  • Using a vacuum cleaner at least twice a week
  • Sweep the floor with a broom every few days.
  • Mop the floor after sweeping (that will allow you to adsorb a greater amount of dust).
  • Clean the surface of your furniture with microfiber cloths as they trap and hold dust.
  • Wash your sheets, pillowcases and blankets every three or four weeks.
  • Beat your rugs and cushions every month. This goes for mattresses and pillows as well.
  • Don’t forget to clean your walls.
  • Groom your pets frequently.


Getting rid of unnecessary stuff

There are objects in our houses that are not used often, so they end up being dust deposits, so the best way is to start is by gathering decorative objects, piles of paper such as newspapers and magazines and unused clothes to dispose them. If you want to save some of those souvenirs, try storing them in a room that’s not frequented by your family.

Other useful tip is to minimize the amount of textile decorations because they, equal to blankets are perfect to store dust.


Seal Cracks

It’s not trivial to spot the sources of dust that access your home from the outside that might be found in some wall cracks, but spots like windows corners, door corners and some slits won’t let any dust in if sealed properly. Get your chimney clean as they are a major source of ash that becomes dust.

Dust is a big enemy, especially when you live in a home with children. Avoid allergies by eliminating dust!