Top 3 Roofing Materials for Longevity

Protecting your house from all kinds of threats is the common goal that every homeowner has set in their mind. One of the most susceptible parts that a home has is the roof. As sun, rain and snow go by every now and then, our roof needs to stand strong to protect us from the harsh behavior weather can have.

For that and many other reasons, every homeowner must invest an important amount of money on roofing. Roofing is a hard work that carries effort, materials and workforce, and the main goal is to do a job that lasts for a long time in order to reduce repairs and have long term tranquility so if you’re seeking for longevity, pay attention to the best roofing materials.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Even when not all roofing companies know how to handle metal roofing, is quite good to hire one that does. Standing seam metal represents a lot of advantages that include modern aspect, cool roof (which means that can be painted in light colors to reflect sunlight and avoid heat gain), toughness to almost any kind of hazard and longevity, since they last for about 30 to 50 years.


Since prefabricated metal panels are easy to get, they’re easy to replace, so, in order to make this kind of roofing last longer, it’s advisable to check for fastener or sealant failures once in a while. Check if some panels are damaged as well to replace them as soon as possible.

Clay Tile Roof

This is one characteristic of Spanish antique buildings and you might have seen them because they’re still on service. Clay tiles are one of the roofing kinds that tend to live the most. The worst lifespan you can get from these is 100 years! So if you take good care of these ones, your roofing will be nice for centuries.

The signature longevity of tiles is due to their resistance to decay and sloughing. Nevertheless, breakings is among the things that bring them down is. For that, you must avoid walking on your clay tiled roofing. Clean them with a dry towel and coat them with alkyd primer. Of course, replace every broken tile when you spot one.

Slate Roof

Nothing more and nothing less than pure and thick stone, the slate roof is the most resistant roofing material. As clay tiles might last for more than a century, slates are a guarantee of having an almost intact for more than a hundred years! Since is a heavy roofing material, the roofs need to have great structural strength.

Trying to make this kind of roofing last longer is quite ambitious but achievable. You must replace every broken slate tile. You have to be sure to install the flashings in a functional way. It’s advisable to use copper flashings because they turn black when it’s time to dispose them.

Be sure to protect your house with the most resistant materials. Now you know how to!

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